The Michael Mendoza rebellious word suppository Established (c) 2017.

Shakespear and Oscar Wilde walk on, walk on. This is no place for good grammar, perfectly formed sentences or poetic prose, quite the opposite. It’s more a place where words and sentences from the wrong side of the tracks might gather on summer evenings. Hanging around on corners spinning their tales with no care for the beautiful language. Syntax, Onomatopeia and Euphamism were spanked and shown the door a long time ago. These words know they have no future, torn from rough sketches and ideas with no real purpose other than to spin a disposable yarn. Don’t demonize them or shrug and walk away, they are only words and no threat.


“Since when did society abandon good words to an existence such as this. To be scorned by university graduates, critiqued by primary school teachers. Where else would they end up but here.”


Didactic?  That’s the real irony.